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SUEZSezione Ulivo Extra Zone (Italian political organization)
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There were too many English or French steamers of the line of Suez to Bombay, Calcutta to Melbourne, and from Bourbon to the Mauritius, furrowing this narrow passage, for the Nautilus to venture to show itself.
But in our time, steamers running between Suez and the South Seas have nothing more to fear from the fury of this gulf, in spite of contrary trade-winds.
The spot is situated a little above the Isthmus of Suez, in the arm which formerly made a deep estuary, when the Red Sea extended to the Salt Lakes.
That is evident," I replied; "and for the sake of archaeologists let us hope that these excavations will be made sooner or later, when new towns are established on the isthmus, after the construction of the Suez Canal; a canal, however, very useless to a vessel like the Nautilus.
Unfortunately," he continued, "I cannot take you through the Suez Canal; but you will be able to see the long jetty of Port Said after to-morrow, when we shall be in the Mediterranean.
It takes us beneath Suez and opens into the Gulf of Pelusium.
I caught a large number of fishes in the neighbourhood of Suez.
From London to Suez via Mont Cenis and Brindisi, by rail and steamboats .
But the Suez Canal was a very great and splendid undertaking.
The letter you wrote to Baron Arnheim, when you were Lord Radley's secretary, telling the Baron to buy Suez Canal shares - a letter written three days before the Government announced its own purchase.
The duration of the Suez Canal certificates, issued in the first week of September 2014, is five years, giving an annual return of 12% that can be taken every three months for the segment of EGP 1,000 and its multiples.
Under the renewed agreement, GCMC will offset 10 percent of its electricity consumption with Green-e Certified RECs provided by GDF SUEZ Energy Resources.