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SUFASocial Union Framework Agreement (Canada)
SUFAStand Up for Animals (Westerly, RI)
SUFASupport to Freshwater Aquaculture (various nations)
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Could OMC-type ideas provide processes and institutional arrangements to give form to SUFA as a new way of doing business and improve Canada's often fractious social policy governance?
A spokeswoman at Israel's embassy in Bern, Shlomit Sufa, said humanitarian goods are allowed into Gaza by land and the sea blockade is needed to prevent weapons being smuggled in to the Palestinian militant group Hamas.
The Sufa Crossing between Gaza and Israel, which is intended, among other things, for the transfer of building materials, has been closed since March 2009.
Palestinian sources said eight military vehicles and two armored bulldozers advanced near the Sufa crossing and began shooting and bulldozing agricultural land.
Daily Taraf claimed that action plans named Carsaf, Sakal, Sufa and Oraj were prepared to create chaos in 2003.
37) Under CAP, the executive could be held accountable by the legislature, whereas under SUFA the executive is only held accountable to the public by means of vague performance measures.
On the demand of people of Sakhra, Sufa Public School has been reopened.
After the latest firing, Israel on Tuesday closed the Nahal Oz crossing to Gaza that is used to ferry in fuel and the Sufa passage for food deliveries to the impoverished and blockaded territory.
Arotech's MDT Protective Industries developed the David 'ultra light armoured vehicle' as a replacement for the Israel Defense Force's M-240 Sufa I (Storm I) armoured Jeeps and received contracts in 2006 totalling $ 32 million to supply an unspecified number of vehicles.
The agreement may include Israel reopening the Karni and Sufa commercial crossings into Gaza, and Hamas guarantees that all Palestinian groups in Gaza will abide by the truce, Reuters news agency reported.
There was still no decision by Sunday evening on whether to open the Sufa crossing.
C[yen] GazaCOs three main crossing-are each used for specific goods tranfers: Nahal Oz for fuel and gas, Sufa for products like fruits, vegetables and medicine, and Karni for raw construction materials such as cement.