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SUFiScottish University for Industry
SUFIScaling-Up for Impact (World Bank malaria control program)
SUFISuper Field (UMTS)
SUFISouthern United Fire Insurance (Mobile, AL)
SUFIStart-Up Farms International Inc. (Fremont, CA)
SUFIStatic Unique Feature Identifier
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The Sufi saints had altered the history of Kashmir and its destiny.
the third part of the book, explores the practical fluidity of specific Sufi "institutional, doctrinal, and disciplinary configurations .
The secretary-general of the Union of Sufis in Egypt, Abdullah al-Nasser Helmy, says over 100 attacks against shrines have taken place across the country in several Nile Delta provinces, the Mediterranean coastal city of Alexandria and northern Sinai Peninsula where radical extremists are active.
In the first two decades of the regime, Qaddafi publicly condemned the Sufi brotherhood in his speeches, and ordered a number of their meeting places to be destroyed, actions very much like what the Salafis are doing today.
These gangs have so much hatred for our way of life and want to erase us from the Libyan landscape," Sufi university professor Makki Ali told Reuters.
Taj Mohammad Lashari in his address said Sindh is the cradle of peace because of the teachings of Sufis who promoted the sense of love and affection adding that Sindh's culture is 5000 years old.
Vebeki said she was thrilled to see the talent of artists who have collected best quality sufi music from around the world and performed it very well in the album.
Essam Mohy Eddin said a number of Sufi orders will file a complaint to the Supreme Electoral Commission against Al-Qasabi, who is running for the parliamentary seat in Cairo on the 'For the Love of Egypt' list.
Around 100 worshippers attended the Chadaar ceremony at the mausoleum in Golden Hillock Road before a Jaloos procession led by Sufi Abdullah's son and successor Sufi Javed.
Al-Mirghani, who spoke during a visit to Al-Shaikh Al-Kabashi area in Khartoum north, pointed that Sufi sects are characterized by tolerance, cordiality and compassion.
When you sing or listen to Sufi music, which is a gift from God to mankind, your internalised spirituality will flow out".
Ancient Sufi Invocations and Forgotten Songs from Aleppo is the first in a series of albums that presents some of the Middle East's oldest sacred music, recorded in Syria just before the country's collapse into war and mass exodus.