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SUITSimple User Interface Toolkit
SUITSpace Utility Instruments Tactical (Gundam anime)
SUITShut Up Immature Teenager
SUITSouthern Ute Indian Tribe
SUITSmall Unit Infantry Tactics
SUITMen's Wearhouse (NASDAQ stock symbol)
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This did not suit Jo at all, but she accepted the place since nothing better appeared and, to every one's surprise, got on remarkably well with her irascible relative.
Sancho, as he showed the rents in his torn suit to the duchess, observed, "If we had been hunting hares, or after small birds, my coat would have been safe from being in the plight it's in; I don't know what pleasure one can find in lying in wait for an animal that may take your life with his tusk if he gets at you.
It would not suit me either to lodge at Crimsworth Hall.
He said that a man with a suit like that bad no right to stop indoors.
There is another well-known suit in Chancery, not yet decided, which was commenced before the close of the last century and in which more than double the amount of seventy thousand pounds has been swallowed up in costs.
he cried, "when I see at least fifty suits on the floor.
Souls have complexions too: what will suit one will not suit another.
Here he held Martin off at arm's length and ran his beaming eyes over Martin's second-best suit, which was also his worst suit, and which was ragged and past repair, though the trousers showed the careful crease he had put in with Maria's flat-irons.
He examined the contents of the closets and selected an elegant suit of clothing.
But this did not suit them, so they sent another petition to Jove, and said to him, "We want a real king; one that will really rule over us.
said Fan, holding up a gray street suit faded past cure.
Some favoured hanging, some thought that it would do him good to appear in a suit of tar and feathers.