SULEVSuper Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle
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By the year 2003, the state's Air Resources Board will require up to 10 percent of new cars sold in California to be a ZEV or SULEV.
Named by EPA as "The Cleanest Car on Earth" with an internal combustion engine, the GX is the only SULEV sedan available nationwide.
The SULEV, to be initially released on the Japanese market, will feature a 2.
The requirements concern zero evaporative emissions, SULEV tailpipe emission levels and on-board diagnostic II requirements.
Diesel engines will require advanced emission control solutions to achieve significant reduction in exhaust emissions necessary to meet CARB SULEV and EPA Tier II, Bin 2 standards.
PZEV baseline requirements include certiFying that the vehicle meets: (11 SULEV [Super Ultra Low Emission Vehiclel emission standards For 150,000 miles, [2] the state's zero evaporative emission standards, and (3] 06011 requirements For SULEVs.
It also should ease or eliminate the need to increase catalyst package size in order to meet the tighter standards, particularly on larger engines, and make it easier to reach SULEV (Super Ultra-Low Emission vehicle) standards.
Previously the Rotapower([R]) engine was able to achieve very low emissions (see "Moller's Rotapower([R]) Engine Produces Emissions Far Below California's SULEV Standard", September 15, 2006).
This compares favorably with current SULEV (super-ultra-low emission vehicle) standards of 0.
All dedicated CNG medium and light duty vehicles are certified SULEV.
US: Ricardo and partner to develop SULEV diesel technology