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SUMAISindacato Unico Medicina Ambulatoriale Italiana (Italian outpatient organization)
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Some of these genes appear unrelated to those in Sumai 3," says Bai.
He said the NISS summoned the Chief Editor Sumai Sayed last Sunday and questioned her about the ICC article.
NEW DELHI, April 22 (Saba) -- Minister of Electricity, Saleh Sumai met on Tuesday in New Delhi with Head of the Indian Bharat company, which is implementing the project of Marib II gas-fired power plant.
Saleh Sumai, the new Minister of Electricity and Power has inaugurated a new transformer with the capacity of 20 megavolt amperes in the transfer station of Dhahban, bringing more electricity to many areas of Sana'a.
Vadinasi, bendras grunto transportavimo kiekis turi buti lygus reikiamo grunto kiekio sumai statybos aiksteleje.
2004]) and the Sumai 3 alleles (160 bp for Xgwm 533, 123 bp for barc 147, and 213 bp for Xgwm 493 on chromosome 3BS [Waldron et al.
Paul Watson has received hundreds of phone calls at his Tropical Murphy's pub in Koh Sumai from people inquiring about relatives.
They crossed a scab-resistant wheat from China, called Sumai 3, with a moderately susceptible variety, called Stoa, from North Dakota.
16 (Saba) A' Electricity Minister Saleh Sumai asserted on Sunday the concern of the ministry to build two gas-powered station with total output capacity of 50 MW, to generate electricity in order to cover districts of Shabwa province.
Sumai 3, a spring wheat from China, is arguably the most used source of resistance to FHB in the world (Wilcoxson, 1993; Rudd et al.