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SUMAISindacato Unico Medicina Ambulatoriale Italiana (Italian outpatient organization)
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According to Bai, only a few resistant sources are used in wheat breeding programs--the Chinese wheat variety Sumai 3 among them.
We wanted to make the most of our time left by going to Koh Sumai and then this happened.
The robbery happened at Sumai Stores, George Dagger Avenue, Abertillery, in the town on Thursday at 7.
A Koh Sumai police spokesman said officers were treating the case as a murder inquiry but said it was too early to say whether Miss Horton had been killed.
Following a reception at Moor Hall, the couple went on honeymoon to Koh Sumai, Thailand.
Expeditions from the coastal Kiwai villages of Katatai, Mawatta, Parama, Tureture, and including Sui, went to the Kiwai Island villages of Auti, Iasa and Sumai, as well as the Dudu coastal village of Daware to obtain canoes.