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SUMPSecure Unicast Messaging Protocol (computing)
SUMPSustainable Urban Management Plan (various locations)
SUMPSite Utilization and Management Plan (US Department of Energy)
SUMPSite Use Management Plan (Fort Ord, CA)
SUMPSoftware Usage Management Protocol
SUMPSoftware Update Modification Program
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Unfortunately, today a $700,000 home will be protected by a $65 plastic sump pump.
If you do not have a sump pump, they are relatively inexpensive.
Water, whether it be from pipes, sewers, sumps, or floods, is one of the bigger issues in homeowners policies.
Seventeen houses in our study had both a perimeter drain and a sump pit (mean radon concentration = 5.
A water sump sits at the opening of the connecting trench, and a blast barrier wall separates the personnel shelter and the circle pit.
While a physical prototype was made of the oil sump, this was done by hand, heating and hammering the steel in order to achieve the shape.
Judge Peter Fenn told the court that Magnox had missed an opportunity to check the safety of the sump and missed a "warning signal" - but he said the "environmental impact" of the leak had been "limited".
The untreated liquid seeped out of a sump into surrounding ground.
An efficient pump/skimmer can increase the life of the coolant from two months to a year, a reduction of five coolant changeouts per year per sump.
Wesley the terrier was so tiny he managed to slip through grating which covered a drainage culvert in Monkspath Park, Solihull, then vanished down a sump yesterday afternoon.
Make sure the sump pump in the holding tank is working.
Once the engine was removed, the leak was pin-pointed to the right fuel sump tank by Sgt Butler, who was assisting the fuel shop in the removal of the engine.