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SUNETSwedish University Computer Network
SUNetStanford University Network
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SUNET is the organization for the national higher research and education network (NREN) of Sweden.
com ; or Borje Josefsson of SUNET, +46 70 561 0837, bj@sunet.
The transmission path incorporated 40 IP routers; 35 in the SprintLink network and five in the SUNET network.
2 Gbit/second of network traffic were achieved over the SUNET and Sprint networks," says Borje Josefsson, CTO of SUNET.
Ciena's FlexSelect Architecture enables flexibility and efficient scalability as demand and usage increases while simplifying design and optimizing operations to advance the practical implementation of customized research networks such as SUNET.
The SUNET deployment builds on Ciena's global success in creating customized, high-performance networks for research institutions, spanning from campus to regional to continental scale.
The equipment is located at the University premises in Kista, Sweden, but additional base stations will be added locally at other sites, providing access to the central infrastructure using SUNET, the Swedish University Network used by over 32 European universities and colleges.
UKERNA's IP Core called, SuperJANET4, SURFnet5 and SUNET, constitute Europe's most advanced deployments of high-speed optical technology, enabling enhanced communications and information sharing amongst Europe's academic and key research groups.
SUNET, Sweden's university network, has deployed Cisco 12000 Internet Routers and advanced optical fibers to build a next generation multicast enabled network, enhancing the capacity for distance learning across Sweden.
The new DAG service will be used by SUNET within the TISDAG(1) project to provide a national email directory for Sweden.
The agreement is great news for Ericsson since SUNET is one of the main driving forces within the Internet area in Europe," said Per Jomer, vice president and general manager, Ericsson Network Intelligence.