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SUNYState University of New York
SUNYSee You Next Year
SUNYScience University for Northern Youth (Canada)
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She wants better financial efficiency in the 413,000-student SUNY system before top administrators get raises.
Stabilization of operating margin at a closer-to-breakeven level through careful management of ongoing state funding reductions for healthcare and SUNY operations.
SUNY Downstate has a demonstrated commitment to improving urban health through specialized education, research, and clinical care programs, and we are so pleased that SUNY can be a part of this exciting national initiative," said SUNY Chancellor Nancy L.
It will run as an independent institute within the SUNY system.
The distance-learning trend was an innovation on the upswing with more SUNY colleges clamoring to get on board.
Placed prominently on the home page are links to two strong selling points for any community college--quick certification (Fast Track/Career in a Year), and ability to easily continue on to a bachelor's degree (Begin Your Bachelor's at SUNY Rockland).
Since these are the first spring measurements of stratospheric nitrous oxide, it is possible that they represent a normal situation for Antarctica, says SUNY researcher Robert de Zafra.
SUNY Maritime College is one of only six state maritime colleges and academies in the United States.
This grant will allow SUNY Adirondack to build a state-of-the-art facility that ensures workers receive the training they need, so that new businesses are assured of a quality workforce.
With its wide array of educational opportunities, SUNY provides students with an unmatched level of choice, ranging from two-year associates programs to doctoral degrees, all of which benefit from the university system's highly recognized student support infrastructure and highly competitive overall cost," said Chris Elam, IDP Education's director of U.
Kimberly Cline, vice president and chief operating officer of SUNY Maritime.
SUNY administrators said the various assessments could be compared, in a way similar to college admissions tests like the ACT and SAT.