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He knows that Rose isn't really on the mantelpiece even if his dad leaves birthday cake for her there, as he knows that despite his father's anger and intolerance, Sunya is a true friend.
His Christian piety and mastery of the biblical language enabled him to complete the monumental task of translating the Virasaiva scripture Sunya Sampadane in five volumes in collaboration with S.
Sunya Walls, Black Church Bombings Continue in the South: Clinton Asks Congress for More Money to Investigate, CHICAGO CITIZEN, June 20, 1996, at 2.
The young ones seeking the national title are Maryama Khan, Tehmina Ahmed,Nushmiya Sukhera, Ana James Gill Noorie Zaman and Sunya.
Sunya Kjolhede and Lawson Sachter can be found out at Windhorse Zen Center in Alexander NC.
During the financial year Glisten acquired confectionery maker F Fravigar, the trade and assets of Sunya, the assets, brand names and recipes of Penguin Confectionery and the assets of toffee manufacturer House of York.
The Mahayana claim that "form is no other than emptiness, emptiness is not other than form" is consistent with this: all the beings (forms) of the universe are always sunya, no matter how simple or complex their structure, and from that perspective the universe does not get better or worse.
Glisten has transferred production of chocolate manufacturer Sunya, which it acquired in October, to its Blackburn headquarters.
It is surely no accident that Samkara uses the word sunya here.
In BSBh, Samkara's use of sunya and related terms is very infrequent, limited to reference to the Sunyavada (Madhyamaka) school (2.
Retail Brands Denmark House The Broadway Staples Corner London NW9 7BR Tel: 0181-457 6400 Fax: 0181-457 6448 Key personnel: Chairman Robert Ellert Managing director Michael Ellert Main companies and brands: Berkshire Foods nuts and snacks Biscuit A La Carte Gaston crisps Geva confectionery Kims reduced fat crisps and snacks Naya natural spring water Radius toothbrushes Stella Swiss chocolate Sunya confectionery Wake Up
For instance, a recent exercise with Sunya, part of the Cocoa Barry Callebaut Group, has resulted in presentation of a range of luxury chocolate products for home baking.