SUNZSAS Users of New Zealand (computing)
SUNZSolidworks Users New Zealand
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Nate Ward of Palm Beach Capital said, "I would like to congratulate the SUNZ management team for closing on the addition of 12 state licenses for SUNZ Insurance.
SUNZ CEO, Douglas Lilak said, "We're at a very exciting period of growth with our company and our niche in the insurance market.
In addition to adding to our insureds, SUNZ realized a solid staff expansion with additional expertise in the areas of policy management, regulatory compliance, legal, accounting, claims, underwriting and safety.
In particular, the robust rules and workflow technology will enable SUNZ to respond quickly to industry market conditions, increasing customer demands, and regulatory change with minimal effort.
Bishop has been serving as the controller for SUNZ since her hiring in 2008.
Doug Lilak, SUNZ Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We are very excited about Palm Beach Capital's acquisition, and are looking forward to growing SUNZ' base of business.
Enterprise HR's Director of Sales, Tim Russell, said, "We are thrilled to renew our Workers' Compensation policy with SUNZ for 2014-2015.
SUNZ specializes in providing insurance products and services to Professional Employer Organizations, Staffing Companies and other preferred large risks.
Prior to SUNZ, Fischer focused on private practice in the area of Workers' Compensation law for over 27 years.
On-site visits allow SUNZ to share possible deficiencies in safety and compliance so that PEOs and their clients can address and correct issues, enforcing a much safer work environment, and greatly reducing risk and the potential loss due to on-the-job accidents.
Established in 2005 as a single-state insurer, SUNZ has expanded into 15 additional states covering the entire Southeastern United States.
Their distribution and support services will allow their brokers quick access to the SUNZ product portfolio in many of our newly expanded states," explained Scott Robertson, President of SUNZ.