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SUPWhat's Up?
SUPSoudé Usine Process (welded machine process)
SUPSupuration (band)
SUPSupplemental Dictionary (File Name Extension)
SUPSociety for Ultrastructural Pathology
SUPStandard Unit of Processing
SUPSport Utility Pack (automotive)
SUPSustaining University Program (program of PEE)
SUPSuspect Unapproved Part
SUPService Use Profile
SUPShot Under Protest
SUPSupremum (least upper bound)
SUPStand Up Paddleboarding (sport)
SUPRun Support (baseball; runs scored for a pitcher per 9 innings)
SUPStress Ulcer Prophylaxis
SUPSydney University Press (Australia)
SUPStanford University Press
SUPSuperscript (HTML markup tag)
SUPSustainable Production
SUPSpecific Use Permit (city planning and zoning)
SUPSingle Unit Pack (automobile exportation)
SUPStart-Up Program
SUPSpecial Use Permit
SUPSpherical Unit Provided (band)
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Having invited him to sup and pass the night with me, I set before him some excellent mead, which he liked so well as to drink somewhat beyond the bounds of exact temperance.
The memory of the old days when you freely bade me sup and dine would spur me on, even if three of the bravest lads in all the shire were not imperiled.
My host, who stood on one side of the great fireplace, leaning against the stonework, made a graceful wave of his hand to the table, and said, "I pray you, be seated and sup how you please.