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SUPESustaining Urban Pastoral Excellence
SUPESample-Unit Probability Estimator (population ecology)
SUPEsupervisory commands program (US DoD)
SUPEStudents United for Public Education (Massachusetts)
SUPESoldier and Unit Performance Enhancement
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As a result, we are, again, partnering with SUPES to provide a similar experience for a cohort of superintendents along the East Coast.
Pneumolabyrinth: A new radiologic sign for fracture of the supes footplate.
Wieder, Riley, and the rest of the supes gave Citron their high fives during his re-election race last June, while the county's legislative and congressional delegations got behind Republican challenger John Moorlach, a CPA who warned that the treasurer's investment bubble was about to pop.
On January 11, 2005, in response to the first Walk for Life West Coast, the Supes issued resolution #050019, which declared "January 22, 2005 as 'Stand Up For Choice Day.