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SuperSimplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer (eRightSoft)
SuperSimplified Universal Player Encoder and Renderer
SuperState Underground Petroleum Environmental Response Act
SuperState Unemployment Program E-government Resource (Colorado)
SuperSystem Used for Prediction and Evaluation of Reliability
SuperSubarctic Pacific Ecosystem Research Program
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Aside from erasing our borders--which is no small matter in and of itself--the NAFTA Super Highway would profoundly impact Americans in many other ways.
Keith Taylor and Mark Adamshick of VFA-122, the Super Hornet fleet readiness squadron (FRS), flew the aircraft out to welcome them.
When we advertised on the Super Bowl in 1999, the objective was to dramatically increase awareness levels--and it worked," said Mary Beth McDade of Progressive.
Tape has been lagging compared with other technologies and that is why LTO and Super DLT are important.
Howe says that those planning a Super Bowl feast should serve foods that are easy to serve and can hold up for the duration of the game.
The Super Trucks, West Coast Pro Trucks, NASCAR Super Stock and Mini Stocks are also scheduled to race tonight at Irwindale Speedway.
Like the new release of LTO, Super DLTape is late to market in the view of many industry observers.
AOL Sports has always provided fans with interactive, innovative and informative Super Bowl programming and this year's coverage will build upon that tradition with live online radio broadcasts, FanHouse blogs and the ever-popular Super Sunday Ad Poll.
But Moon never played in a Super Bowl, an omission overcome at Hall of Fame selection time by only Dan Fouts among quarterbacks of the Super Bowl era.
Quantum engineers have advanced the technology by architecting the Super DLTtape System in five distinct modules (See Fig).
As host to Super Bowl XL and multiple large events throughout the year, Ford Field and Gulf Coast wanted to deploy a wireless infrastructure able to handle the high-capacity requirements and reliable communications demands of these world-class events," said Julio Dumas of Gulf Coast Real Estate Consultants.
The Super Late Models return to racing tonight at Irwindale Speedway.