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SUPERSimplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer (eRightSoft)
SUPERState Underground Petroleum Environmental Response Act
SUPERState Unemployment Program E-government Resource (Colorado)
SUPERSystem Used for Prediction and Evaluation of Reliability
SUPERSubarctic Pacific Ecosystem Research Program
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The new Super Hornet offers the former Tomcat aircrew a 30-year leap forward in technology and innovation.
who took part as advertisers in last year's World Series coverage on Fox, did not choose to play in the Super Bowl commercial marketing game.
All sets are "super" with 1 1/4, 21s, Super Slow, Reverse Pyramid, Super Set, Compound Set, and Pre-Exhaust schemes.
Nevertheless, to see how Super Slow compared to traditional weight training in cardiovascular demands and caloric expenditure, researchers at the University of Alabama evaluated heart rate, energy use and blood lactate levels--the product of the transformation of glucose to energy during strenuous exercise--in seven resistance-trained men in their 20s.
In his ceaseless ogling of women, the Super seems an exemplary case of the sort of "fascinated looking" Pollock associates with sexual desire and that psychoanalytic theory broadly treats as the "male gaze.
And the second reason is to attain greater capacity, since Super DLTtape I offers up to 120GB native or 220GB compressed.
The company's award-winning Scalar(R) 100 library offers industry-leading storage density to meet the needs of small to mid-range data centers, providing up to 6 Super DLTtape drives and 30 to 60 cartridges positions in only 14 standard rack unit" (24.
Smith's Restaurant at Union Station in Washington, reports an increased demand for super premiums.
He measured this year's Super Bowl advertisers to those standards, stating Salesgenie.
That the Colts actually won Sunday's Super Bowl in this minor monsoon was about as predictable as man bites dog.
This marks the second time Billy Joel has performed the National Anthem at the Super Bowl in South Florida; he was featured in the Super Bowl XXIII pregame show in Miami in 1989.