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SUPERBSummer Undergraduate Program in Engineering Research at Berkeley (University of California-Berkeley)
SUPERBState Underground Petroleum Environmental Response Bank (South Carolina)
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Madam," said the Superb High Chairman, "we have no objection to visitors if they will pledge themselves not to publish anything they hear.
The sidewalks were superb marble slabs polished as smooth as glass, and the curbs that separated the walks from the broad street were also set thick with clustered emeralds.
For example, these ravishing ear-rings and this necklace so superb to correspond, were what one called a love- gift.
Neither the Saone nor the Rhone sped with the swiftness of that peerless building; nor was the Mediterranean deeper than its foundations; nor were the distant landscapes on the Cornice road, nor the hills and bay of Genoa the Superb, more beautiful.
Upright, his red beard forward, his forehead thrown back, his eyes on the thick foliage of the cherry-trees, his hands on his haunches, in an attitude of repose, easy, superb, he was like some youthful pagan god, gilded with red gold, on his way across the country--like Pan, if he chose to amuse himself by charming birds.
The particulars of Becky's costume were in the newspapers--feathers, lappets, superb diamonds, and all the rest.
Coquenard had met Porthos and seen what a superb appearance he made upon his handsome Spanish genet, she would not have regretted the bleeding she had inflicted upon the strongbox of her husband.
They were finely and fashionably dressed, their manners were quite superb, and they led an easy, careless, comfortable life.
You'll have to pay a small fortune more than the PS20,050 a Superb starts from to better the feel of a lounge on wheels.
The Skoda Superb lived up to its name, beating expensive sports cars, giant 4x4s and luxury saloons in a category as important to drivers as economy, style and speed.
Skoda, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), has upgraded its Superb for the global market.
The new Superb range starts from around PS20,000, so PS34,335 for this one can sound expensive.