SUPMService User Profile Management (Open Mobile Alliance)
SUPMSuper User Privilege Management (computer security)
SUPMSpolecensky Ucelna Pracovni Mista (Czech: Socially Desirable Jobs)
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Gaps in current standalone SUPM solutions are due in large part to many organizations' ongoing struggle with siloed Unix security solutions that only address granular access privileges of superuser accounts at the point of usage.
To deliver full visibility, control and management for all superuser accounts, privileges and access, and to address gaps in siloed standalone offerings, enterprises require a solution to address both the Unix security capabilities found in SUPM solutions, as well as the shared-account management and auditability capabilities found in traditional SAPM solutions.
Cyber-Ark's Privileged Identity Management Suite eliminates the need for separate SUPM and SAPM implementations.
The project enters 700 people and at least 300 clients of the project will safeguard jobs at employers (40 new jobs, 230 SUPM, 30 suitable locations).
To achieve the main objectives of the project will contribute 110 jobs supported by the rules of the OP HRE and 75 SUPM reserved for which the employer will receive a monthly allowance for the actual payment of wages.