SUPPOSupply Officer
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There has been a lot of effort recently to move those tasks ashore, to avoid putting that pressure on the SUPPO who is busily trying to get the ship prepared to get underway.
My carrier SUPPO tour, of course, was rewarding from a pure leadership standpoint.
Short of integrity problems, the vast majority of SUPPOs I have seen fail did so because they were afraid to get outside help when it was needed or waited until it was too late.
Heinz: Certainly, all SUPPOs inherently understand the rewards and challenges of sea duty.
The CSCS, the SUPPO, and even the Executive Officer (XO) came by at different times to watch, and all were thrilled both with the burgers and with the excitement of the entire ship's company.
For SUPPOs, the challenges range from managing an ever-tightening travel budget, to coordinating personal gear (PGI) refreshes to maintaining positive control of tool kits and Table of Allowance (TOA) items spread across thousands of miles if you're in the U.
1900 - Following dinner, SUPPO has us in his office for his ASUPPO/PA/DLCPO pound-up.
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Dari Taylor, MP for Stockton South, said: "Kelly's report establishes clear, independent and open accountability; it strikes the right balance of suppoS rt and protection of the public purse from any potential abuse.
It was lovely to show our good suppos rters that their money goes to such an inspiring place.
SUPPOs will experience deployments to worldwide locations with very demanding environments where their tasking is to ensure that the Navy's ability to project power from the sea to the shore is effective and sustainable.
They are bright, energetic and ready to become the SUPPOs of tomorrow.