SURCSpace Utilization Research Center (Japan)
SURCSyracuse University Research Corporation (Syracuse, NY)
SURCSubstance Use Research Center (Columbia University; New York, NY)
SURCSwansea University Rowing Club (UK)
SURCSmall Unit Riverine Craft
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SURC has a modular architecture and can be used on a wide variety of hardware, including unmanned vehicles on land, sea and in the air.
SURC was designed to work in various environments, including JAUS, STANAG-4586 and other proprietary protocols.
The future platform will likely feature an engine with low thermal and audible exhaust like the SURC.
The SURC is 39 feet long, according to a Navy fact sheet.
Balk said the riverines will get 12 additional SURCs in the next few years because the Marine boat program was "terminated before all craft were bought," he said.
He hopes to get the new boat at "the end of the useful life of the SURCs," estimated to be eight years.
Although the Riverine Assault Craft carried four weapons systems on board, the speed and maneuverability of the SURC makes it a better fighting platform.
Not only are the SURC faster, they can travel farther than their predecessors as well.
The old Raider craft could travel 75 nautical miles whereas the SURC can travel for 250 nautical miles," said Staff Sgt James A.
The Raytheon-Safe Boats SURC will change the way the USMC conducts future boat operations in the littorals.
The Raytheon team will produce up to 100 SURCs, with a nominal contract value of $30 million and a potential contract value of up to $60 million.
Under the contract, the Raytheon team will design, develop and manufacture the new craft and then provide worldwide logistics support for the SURCs.