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SURGEStudents United for A Responsible Global Environment
SURGESocial Uprising, Resistance and Grassroots Encouragement (film festival)
SURGESouthampton University Radio from Glen Eyre (UK)
SURGESupplier Utilization Through Responsive Grouped Enterprises
SURGEStudents United for a Responsible Global Economy
SURGESupply User Report Generator
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It seemed incredible that the next surge should not crush the Ghost down upon the tiny eggshell.
It struck me that he was joyous, in a ferocious sort of way; that he was glad there was an impending struggle; that he was thrilled and upborne with knowledge that one of the great moments of living, when the tide of life surges up in flood, was upon him.
The barometer announced a speedy change, the mercury rising and falling capriciously; the sea also, in the south-east, raised long surges which indicated a tempest.
He and his companions had found it impossible to govern their boat, having no rudder, and being beset by rapid and whirling currents and boisterous surges.
Since 1963, more than 600 million cubic feet of sand have been dumped on Bar Beach to check the ocean surge.
Military families are not the only ones moving during this surge.
As part of the new series of "NIST Recommended Practices Guides," a 20-page booklet has been developed for the general public on how to protect residential appliances and consumer electronics against power surges.
Protect your laptop against erratic electrical current and telephone line surges and spikes anywhere in the world.
Surge protectors are situated on the electric line between the wall socket and the computer.
LAS VEGAS -- BITS Limited, a leading manufacturer of energy saving surge protectors, introduces the True Surge Smart Strip[R] surge protector, the greenest and safest surge protector on the market today.
The Surgebreaker Plus protects the entire home from high-energy power surges and low-energy repetitive surges by delivering surge suppression, safeguarding appliances and electrical devices within the home: including everything from washers and dryers, stoves, to cable and Ethernet cords.
In its 2013 Storm Surge Report, CoreLogic took these elements into account to compile a list of states with the most properties susceptible to storm surge damage.