SURPSummer Undergraduate Research Program
SURPSchool of Urban and Regional Planning (University of the Philppines; Quezon City, Philippines)
SURPSkills Upgrading & Readiness Program (Canada)
SURPSubmerged Unmanned Recovery Platform
SURPSociety for the Upliftment of Rural Poor (India)
SURPSecond User Resale Programme (Teleplan; UK)
SURPStand-Up Resealable Pouch (packaging)
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Anderson Cancer Center has not only provided me with the technical skills required for an occupation in the laboratory, but also the intellectual stimulation necessary to pursue a higher-level education as a research scientist," says Nora Sanchez, a recent SURP intern.
However, in contrast to this earlier study also the current values of SURP and dY are taken into account.
In such a case the current value of SURP was forced upon in the equation.
If a budget deficit has a positive long-run effect on base money growth, the sum of the SURP coefficients should be negative and statistically significant.
where dCL represents the annual rate of claim growth and SURP the budget surplus as percentage of GDP.
If budget deficits are partly financed through direct credit facilities of the central bank, the coefficient of SURP should be negative and significantly different from zero.
The SURPS consists of four subscales measuring levels of Anxiety Sensitivity (5 items), Hopelessness (7 items), Sensation Seeking (6 items), and Impulsivity (5 items).
Impulsivity measured by the SURPS specifically represents one's lack of ability to inhibit behaviour in the presence of immediate rewards (Conrod et al.
Fourth, coefficient alphas of the SURPS subscales, except Hopelessness, were below 0.