SUTTSmall Unit Tactical Trainer (USMC)
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SUTT FOR THE CUP: Raith Rovers striker John Sutton is hoping to start a good run by beating Kilmarnock; ROUND 'EM UP: John McCormack and Alex Williams are gunning for the Jags PERTH MOVERS: St Johnstone boss Billy Stark and Simon Donnelly are after Well
MOORE OF THE SAME: The; Rangers captain has had plenty of battles with Henrik Larsson in Old Firm clashes; SUTT UP: Craig Moore must keep the in-form Chris Sutton quiet if Rangers are to emerge with three points
Gignac, Sutts and Woodall Construction Co v Harris (1997), 36 BLR (2d) 210,72 ACWS (3d) 1033 (Ont Ct J (Gen Div)) [Gignac]-Heap Noseworthy Ltd v Didham (1996), 137 Nfld & PEIR 240,29 BLR (2d) 279 (Nfld SC(TD)) [Heap]; Prime Computer of Canada Ltd v Jeffrey (1991), 6 OR (3d) 733,30 ACWS (3d) 993 (Gen Div) [Prime Computer cited to OR],
O'NEILL: Liverpool date; COMING THROUGH: Stuttgart's Kevin Kuranyi is tackled by Celtic's Paul Lambert and Neil Lennon; SUTTS YOU SIR: Chris Sutton made it 2-0 last night when he fired home from close range in the 15th minute; THOMMO GUN: Alan Thompson gave Celtic a crucial 1-0 lead in Germany last night
SUTTS YOU SIR: Chris Sutton made it 2-0 for Celtic in Germany last night; O'NEILL: Important victory; HIGH HOPES: Neil Lennon and Bobo Balde strip Balakov of possession in the Gofflieb-Daimler Stadium last night; THOMMO GUN: Alan Thompson fired Celtic into an early lead