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SUUDSudden Unexpected Unexplained Death in Infants
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The first is that the Suud, the great swamp region through which the Nile flows, divides Sudan into north and south, with very different cultures.
Additional sources that the author draws on include the collections of legal opinions by Ebu Suud al-Imadi, the famous shaykh al-islam of Istanbul during the latter part of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman's reign, and a treatise on the role of "custom" in legal interpretation by Ibn Abidin.
Esmalt tabasid need loogid kollektiivset suud kandnud saksa rahvusest elanikke nii NSV Liidus kui Noukogude mojusfaari jaanud Kesk- ja Ida-Euroopa maades, laienedes ka teistele rahvustele: poolakatele, ukrainlastele, ungarlastele, slovakkidele jne.