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SUVSport Utility Vehicle
SUVStand Up and Vote
SUVStandardized Uptake Value (radionucleide uptake used in reading a PET scan)
SUVSmart Utility Vehicle
SUVSons of Union Veterans
SUVSuburban Vehicle (Chevrolet)
SUVSuburban Utility Vehicle
SUVStupid Ugly Vehicle
SUVSuva, Fiji - Nausori (Airport Code)
SUVSumpter Valley Railway
SUVSimple Unstable Vehicle (bicycle-like device)
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In total, Nissan increased global crossover and SUV volume by nearly 230,000 vehicles last year.
Inheriting the French carmaker's design philosophy, the 5008 SUV comes with a sleek chrome-pattern radiator grille and a pair of full LED headlamps.
Voici six questions que vous devriez vous poser avant d'opter pour un SUV :
Auto Business News-June 15, 2017--Honda India adds two more SUVs
For decades, the only vehicle in the country even approaching an SUV was the Jeep, which Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) imported in 'completely knocked down' (CKD) condition.
Affordability is crucial, but SUVs have scored here, too -- many are priced lower than the sedans.
The Peugeot stand gives visitors the chance to fully experience the features of the all-new 3008 SUV, with the new generation of digital i-CockpitA which is demonstrated using virtual reality technology.
The first high-end luxury SUV in the Haval family, the H8 has a 2ltr turbo direct injection engine that generates 214hp at 5,500rpm and 324Nm of torque at 2,000-4,000rpm.
It is currently selling compact SUV 'KX3' and 'Sportage' in China and will double its SUV line-up by adding mid to large-sized SUV as large as Sorento and compact SUV.
While the average SUV repair bill is PS420, Warranty Direct say that costs can soar as high as PS16,000.
Small SUVs now make up 58 percent of all SUV sales worldwide; the share of large SUVs has fallen to 12 percent.
Many people choose SUVs for their higher driving position and excellent all-round visibility.