SUVOASport Utility Vehicle Owners of America (now Standing up for SUV, Pickup and Van Owners of America)
SUVOAStanding up for SUV, Pickup and Van Owners of America (formerly Sport Utility Vehicle Owners of America)
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Light trucks could face the same fate if unrealistic fuel economy mandates are adopted, SUVOA said.
McCahill noted that SUVOA recognizes the need for achieving better fuel economy and energy independence, but believes change requires "thoughtful, balanced measures that do not compromise safety and vehicle choice.
Contact: Kelly Indrieri, SUVOA, phone 877-447-8862, website http://www.
DeFore and his partner Jason Vines, who works out of Stratacomm's Detroit office, were perfectly positioned to bring SUVOA into the spotlight last summer.
Anticipating charges that SUVOA is just another "astroturf" organization--a business-backed fake grassroots group, designed to give the illusion of popular support to corporate-friendly positions--Vines and DeFore decreed when they took over that the group would accept no corporate funding, and would ban automakers from being members--though not from advertising on SUVOA's Web site, which bears a prominent picture of a Ford Explorer.
Additionally, SUVOA claimed that fuel economy increases could potentially lead to "serious tradeoffs in performance and utility that clearly have been rejected by the public," as well as "staggering sticker shock because of expensive technologies and materials.