SVBLSimi Valley Baseball League (est. 1978; Simi Valley, CA)
SVBLSatellite Venture Business Laboratory (est. 1998; Japan)
SVBLSchweizerische Vereinigung für Bryologie und Lichenologie
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AMEX: SVBL, TSX: SVB), a United States registered mineral exploration company, has received commitments from various investors for the sale of 21,050,000 shares of common stock.
All drilling is done on Biesse Techno Logic machines, and the panels are dowled using a Biesse Techno SVBL.
NYSE Amex: SVBL, TSX: SVB), a company focused on the acquisition, exploration and potential development of mineral properties, has completed its private placement financing with Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation (NYSE: CDE, TSX: CDM).