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SWACOSolid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (Grove City, OH)
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SWACO will host a public meeting to discuss the proposed expansion.
El lignito organofilico es disenado para el control efectivo del filtrado en sistemas de fluidos de perforacion base en aceite y emulsiones (MI SWACO 2002).
Besides M-I SWACO, Halliburton is another major player in the Asia-Pacific drilling and completion fluid market.
During Phase 1, landfill gas (LFG) from the adjacent SWACO landfill site will be utilized to fuel the 2G avus cogeneration modules.
SWACO Executive Director Mike Long says the agreement requires Shelly to fill 10 acres of unusable land for development.
Eventually, Genahol hopes to expand its operations with SWACO to convert paper products and yard waste into ethanol.
Based on completeness of the resulting bids, cost, and technical approach, SWACO awarded the total cleanup contract, valued at a quarter million dollars, to Metropolitan Environmental Services (MESI, Columbus, Ohio), a Carylon Company.
SWACO says it also plans pilot programs and education efforts to make recycling easier in the city.
M-I SWACO Pipeline Services (M-I PLS) in Houston have developed advanced evaluation methods and patented formulated chemical products that significantly improve the effectiveness of any pipeline cleaning requirements.
Oilfield service company Smith International Inc (NYSE:SII) said on Thursday that M-I SWACO has secured a multi-services agreement with an option for two additional years in Angola, West Africa, from Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited.
There is an excitement in how these leaders have grasped the idea of going green," SWACO Executive Director Mike Long says.
A year ago, SWACO had said it found that answer in Team Gemini LLC, a Florida developer planning a waste-sorting facility and a green energy industrial park.