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SWAKSealed With A Kiss
SWAKSpinners & Weavers Association of Korea
SWAKSent with A Kiss
SWAKShallow Water Active Kit
SWAKScan, Weigh, and Key (FedEx)
SWAKSwedish Army Knife
SWAKSewer Workers Are King (Honeymooners TV Show)
SWAKSingle Wavelength Add/Drop Cassette
SWAKSociale Wetenschappen Aktiviteiten Kommissie (Dutch)
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The ultimate goal for SWAK Pack is to help low-income students in the pursuit of their college education.
Alex Lapore, one of the organisers, said Miss SWAK 2015, which was held on March 6, was created to "build the confidence levels" of the women.
SWAK enabled pregnant women to obtain care, formed support groups for HIV-positive women and established an innovative widow's group in which long-time widows supported the survivors through the initial shock of losing husbands, children, relatives, homes and the integrity of their own bodies.
Once products exit the SWAK and BRUSH areas, they are re-circulated back to the primary sort where, this time, their bar codes and records should be read and matched properly.