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SWAMPSouthwest Area Monsoon Project (NOAA)
SWAMPSociety of Weird and Mad People
SWAMPStop Wasting America's Money on Privatization
SWAMPSevere Wind And Moisture Problem
SWAMPSouth West Association of Mountain-Bike Pedalers (Florida)
SWAMPSevere Weather and Moisture Prone (aviation)
SWAMPShallow Water Mobile Platform
SWAMPSustainable Washington Alliance Meeting Place
SWAMPSurface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (California and Florida)
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About two hundred yards from the tree, a small brook crossed the road, and ran into a marshy and thickly-wooded glen, known by the name of Wiley's Swamp.
I enter a swamp as a sacred place,-- a sanctum sanctorum.
I never went near the house, but struck through the woods and made for the swamp.
The trappers now sallied forth and approached the swamp, firing into the thickets at random; the Blackfeet had a better sight at their adversaries, who were in the open field, and a half-breed was wounded in the shoulder.
No; at Dutton Shaw, sitting on a log, with my feet in a swamp.
I have untied against you the club-footed vines, I have sent in the Jungle to swamp out your lines.
These are chiefly landscapes of an imaginative cast-such as the fairy grottoes of Stanfield, or the lake of the Dismal Swamp of Chapman.
Beside it were the crumbling remains of the cottages of the miners, driven away no doubt by the foul reek of the surrounding swamp.
Jaracaca Swamp we named it in the map which we are constructing.
Occasional areas of firm sod gave us intervals of rest from the arduous labor of traversing this gorgeous, twilight swamp, and it was upon one of these that I finally decided to make camp for the night which my chronometer warned me would soon be upon us.
Suppose, a thousand years from now, a malarious swamp builds itself up in the shallow harbor of Smyrna, or something else kills the town; and suppose, also, that within that time the swamp that has filled the renowned harbor of Ephesus and rendered her ancient site deadly and uninhabitable to-day, becomes hard and healthy ground; suppose the natural consequence ensues, to wit: that Smyrna becomes a melancholy ruin, and Ephesus is rebuilt.
At length Joe, continuing his recital, arrived at the point where, sinking in the swamp, he had uttered a last cry of despair.