SWANASouth West Asia and North Africa
SWANASolid Waste Association of North America
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NYSE:AMRC), a leading energy efficiency and renewable energy company, was awarded the SWANA Silver Excellence Award in Landfill Gas Utilization.
This year, SWANA expanded its Safety Awards program and selected winners based on SWANA's seven technical divisions, as well as an overall winner.
In response to these regulations, SWANA will be holding a series of workshops around the country on the implementation of the NSPS rule.
To kick-start increased fundraising efforts, SWANA is launching an ISWA Scholarship Programme GoFundMe page as an easy way to donate, learn about the cause, and share the information with others.
Since 1 July 2016, SWANA said it has recorded 28 additional MSW related fatalities, with 18 third party and 10 employee incidents.
As the leading association for solid waste professionals in the United States and Canada, SWANA will continue expanding its safety offerings to help reduce the number of accidents and injuries in the industry," said SWANA Executive Director and CEO David Biderman.
The recipients of the SWANA Excellence Awards represent the best solid waste management practices in North America today, said John H.
Wallace currently serves on a variety of committees and is active in several professional associations, including SWANA, the National Association of Rail Shippers (NARS), Intermodal Association of North America (IANA), and the National Industrial Transportation League (NITL).
Although well-intentioned, Casey's legislation would be disruptive," says David Biderman, SWANA executive director and CEO.
Noting that industry attendance has been down at recent SWANA shows, Skinner acknowledges that the current climate has been a difficult one for members.
Taking Recycling to a Whole New Level: Targeting Special Waste, Institutional, and Commercial Waste Streams" is being presented by SWANA in Albuquerque from Feb.
This vision includes making sure SWANA is recognized as the critical informational resource for industry professionals, the media, elected officials, regulators and the general public.