SWANCCSolid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County (Illinois)
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Although the potential devolution of Clean Water Act authority following SWANCC would impact much more than wetlands, (140) wetlands do make for a compelling study for the following reasons: (1) only sixteen states (141) have existing wetlands protections, meaning that many states would have to adopt new rules in the event of a federal rollback; and (2) wetlands continue to be major targets for development.
In January 2002, the administration published two documents addressing how it would implement SWANCC.
NAA/NMHC have requested that the General Accounting Office (GAO) review how the Corps field offices are implementing the SWANCC decision.
32) While, in light of SWANCC, the issues regarding nonadjacent
The decision not to issue regulations leaves intact a general guidance document issued last January that has been criticized by some environmental organizations as being overly restrictive in its interpretation of the SWANCC decision.
any traditional navigable water in SWANCC those waters out of the
The Corps reasserted jurisdiction explaining that the outcome in SWANCC did not affect Corps jurisdiction over wetlands adjacent to "a tidal waterway, like Baccarat's.
holding of SWANCC to its invalidation of the Corps' Migratory Bird
at 5 (noting that SWANCC could result in the loss of federal protection