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SWAPSource Water Assessment Program
SWApSector Wide Approach (health)
SWAPSize, Weight And Power
SWAPSemantic Web Applications and Perspectives (workshop)
SWAPSocial Policy and Social Work (UK)
SWAPShared Wireless Access Protocol (HRFWG)
SWAPStudent Work Abroad Program
SWAPShort-Wavelength Automated Perimetry
SWAPSpace, Weight, and Power
SWAPSimple Workflow Access Protocol (Netscape)
SWAPSevere Weather Avoidance Plan
SWAPSemantic Web Application Platform
SWAPShare With A Pal
SWAPSevere Weather Avoidance Program (aviation)
SWAPSolar Wind Analyzer Around Pluto (NASA New Horizons Project)
SWAPSystem-Wide Accident Prevention
SWAPSolution Without A Problem
SWAPSurface Water Acidification Project
SWAPSouthwestern Association of Planetariums
SWAPSevere Weather Avoidance Procedures
SWAPSouth West Asia Project
SWAPSharing with A Purpose
SWAPSheriffs' Work Alternative Program
SWAPSouthwest Area Partnership (Fort Wayne, IN)
SWAPSource Water and Assessment Protection Program (United States)
SWAPSoftware Application Procedure (Sprint)
SWAPSprint Web Amateurs and Professionals
SWAPSalem Writers, Artists and Publishers
SWAPStewart Warner Array Program
SWAPSmall World Adoption Programs, Inc.
SWAPSummary Work Authorization Plan
SWAPSection Wide Approach
SWAPStudents with A Passion (ministry)
SWAPSeattle Women Act for Peace
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Meanwhile, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has its own regulatory regime for "security-based swap dealers.
a 20-year bond with 10 years remaining) and replace it with a shorter-maturity issue, it is called an interest swap.
Swap Negotiators acts as an intermediary between borrowers and their banks on all types of swap transactions including executing, modifying, unwinding, and assigning.
Because important definitions including that of "swap" remain undetermined under Dodd-Frank, the full scope of the reporting requirements for pre-enactment swaps remains unknown.
SAVE 360 calories Swap profiteroles, 600 calories, for creme brulee, 350 calories
Moody's notes that if the swap counterparty is also the valuation agent and the seller/originator, the absence of a third-party swap counterparty or a third-party valuation agent might affect the swap valuation because of a possible lack of objective perspective on the assumptions on the probability of the call option being exercised.
com and Property Swap Shop will be able to offer greater opportunities to their target clientele many of whom have property interests in the UK as well as in UAE.
This study utilizes the methodology of Sun, Sundaresan, and Wang (1993) to investigate variation in yen-dollar swap mid-rates, term premiums, and risk premiums.
As the pioneer of ATA RAID and the first company to deliver a hot swap enclosure for ATA RAID environments, Promise has recognized the necessity of reliable SATA drive hot swap for server applications," said Sam Sirisena, vice president of sales and marketing worldwide, Promise Technology, Inc.
If the taxpayer terminates the swap at that time, the taxpayer will receive a payment from its counterparty, representing the present value of anticipated future payments under the swap.
Many of the items sold at local swap meets and flea markets come from these storage spaces, the contents of which are auctioned off after the owners stop making payments, said John Schoen, manager of the Roadium Open Air market in Torrance and former president of the National Flea Market Association.
The overwhelming majority of these hedges are documented using the master agreement prepared by the International Swap Dealers Association, Inc.