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SWARDSouth West Agricultural Regional Development
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Bristling and growling, he dropped to the sward just as the king ape charged.
And all the time three little bundles lay discreetly on the sward, proclaiming:
As I walked slowly down the imperceptible slope toward the sea I could not help but note the park-like appearance of the sward and trees.
At my back was the forest, pruned and trimmed like the sward to parklike symmetry by the browsing of the ghoulish plant men.
The long, straight paths were barnacled with weeds; the dense, fine hedges, once prim and angular, had fattened out of all shape or form; and on the velvet sward of other days you might have waded waist high in rotten hay.
At his feet an opening looked out upon a green sward, and at a little distance beyond was the dense wall of jungle and forest.
The latter dismounted, took the leaders by the bridle, and led them over the velvet sward and the mossy grass of a winding alley, at the bottom of which, on this moonless night, the deep shades formed a curtain blacker than ink.
Each man was clad in Lincoln green, and a fine show they made, seated upon the sward beneath that fair, spreading tree.
Her shapely, sandalled foot tapped impatiently upon the jewel-strewn walk that wound beneath the stately sorapus trees across the scarlet sward of the royal gardens of Thuvan Dihn, Jeddak of Ptarth, as a dark-haired, red-skinned warrior bent low toward her, whispering heated words close to her ear.
They flung themselves down on the sward [turf], close to their underground home.
The first time I ever saw David was on the sward behind the Baby's Walk.
A second after and he, too, was sprawled upon the sward with a round hole between his eyes.