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SWARMSouthwest Alliance to Resist Militarization
SWARMSystem Wide Adaptive Ramp Metering (traffic pattern monitoring)
SWARMSafety for Women and Responsible Motherhood (Colorado)
SWARMSmart Warfighting Array of Reconfigurable Modules
SWARMStabilised Weapon and Reconnaissance Mount (Thales AFV Systems, UK)
SWARMStaff Working for a Republican Majority (Wisconsin)
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Theoretically, fire support swarm combatants will be less expensive than precision-guided munitions, capable of targeting without human intervention through object recognition and able to loiter overhead until needed by maneuver forces.
They are pretty harmless even when there's a swarm like that.
i] = 1, the current sub swarm sends the results (it's corresponding pbest and gbest values) to the multi-swarm scheduler.
So if you spot a swarm of bees, please do not destroy them - they are a protected species.
That happens a lot in the Philippines, essentially minor or small earthquake events constituting the swarm,' Solidum said.
2j](t), then the velocity of the /'-th particle of the j-th swarm does not change at step t and the particle moves in the same direction as in the previous optimization step.
The bee swarm located on the forward antennae departed within 24 hours of first being observed, and it is not clear if this group moved to different locations noted for the other 2 sightings.
Axe said the Pentagon is well aware of the danger Iran's swarms pose, and has been busy devising new weapons to counter them, including small, precision-guided rockets and lasers.
In principle, even starting from totally random modes of comparison between the two swarms, the classifier should be able to quickly deemphasize irrelevant aspects of the agent swarm while focusing in on those that actually impact the accuracy of its guesses.
I'll keep them and protect the population' THIS beekeeper saved Hope Street from a swarm of honeybees.
A couple of days before the swarm descended, Andrew says he came across a queen bee in the house.
The swarm of bees in "They were first by a Stagecoach bus, then they covered a bus sign, and eventually they gathered on this car.