SWARMPSafe with a Repair and Maintenance Program (building code classification; New York, NY)
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Unfortunately, the law makes no distinction between what might be termed an "administrative" Unsafe (a minor crack on a rear facade that hasn't widened in ten years, noted as SWARMP in Cycle 5 but not yet repaired) and a newly discovered "barricade -the-streets-call-out-the-National-Guard" Unsafe, (a parapet wall of a 30-story building adjacent to a schoolyard, that has shifted 6" outward in the last 48 hours).
An experienced professional won't saddle you with a SWARMP classification for a condition that might, in reality, be safe.
If your building's Cycle 5 Critical Examination enumerates SWARMP conditions that are still uncorrected, your first move, should be to have those conditions corrected.