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SWASSubmillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite
SWASSchool Within A School (alternative education program)
SWASStore Within A Store
SWASShenandoah WAtershed Study (Virginia)
SWASSteam and Water Analysis System
SWASSouth Western Ambulance Service (UK)
SWASSoftware Accomplishment Summary (software certification)
SWASService with a Smile
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The data collected periodically to get the extent of water recovered from SWAS.
SWAS DRAIN WATER ANALYSIS (Excluding Drum Samples) Parameters MAX MIN AVG [P.
Only one more launch remained before SWAS could hitch a ride on the rocket, and Melnick and his team began to "get out of hibernation," retesting software for their instrument.
Adds Bunner, "We are not going to launch SWAS on a Pegasus right now.
Pending the conclusions later this month of a NASA review board investigating the latest Pegasus failure, as well as the recommendations of another panel charged with reviewing the agency's policy on testing new launch vehicles, SWAS could suffer an additional delay of up to 21 months.
The SWAS mission was the sixth launch of the Pegasus rocket in 1998, all of which were successful, and represented the 25th launch in the innovative air-launched rocket program's history.
On Saturday, the SWAS mission originated from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, when the company's "Stargazer" L-1011 Pegasus carrier aircraft took off at approximately 4:00 p.
The SWAS mission will originate from Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB), California, and will be the sixth and final launch of the Pegasus rocket in 1998.
Orbital plans to launch the SWAS satellite into a polar orbit 370 miles above the Earth, inclined at 70 degrees to the equator.
Chairman Arnold Lowrey said: "It is quite remarkable in some ways that this is our 106th exhibition and the history of SWAS dates back so far.