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SWASHSydney Women and Sexual Health (survey; Australia)
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Career: Swash was about to give up on the idea of becoming an actor when he won a role in BBC's EastEnders.
Joe Swash passed his time collecting wood for the camp and recommends keeping busy to avoid conflict.
Swash and Brookes both showed a soap star can be a potent weapon which is good news for Liverpool's own Craig Charles, Corrie's Lloyd, who heads the chasers at 11/2 (Skybet, Paddy Power).
Dinner Date, a Come Dine With Me rip-off (complete with sarcastic narration) the network shelved in 2012 and has now seen fit to revive as a celebrity edition, with megastar Joe Swash given that allimportant trailblazer role.
These anomuran crabs are active tidal migrants that live in the swash zone of sandy beaches on the West Coast of the Americas with congeners inhabiting beaches in many other regions of the world (Efford 1976).
The SWASH consortium chose Acuo's Universal Clinical Platform VNA via Philips Healthcare, along with the Sectra PACS and HSS radiology information systems to deliver a region-wide medical imaging IT system.
In theory, Swash should have the edge - he had to cope with some fairly gruesome tasks during I'm a Celebrity.
The swash zone, the area between the high and low tide marks, is more than a great place to find seashells.
Joe Swash I was struck down by a rare form of viral meningitis in September 2005.
Ex-soap stars Kara Tointon and Joe Swash have broken up.
After freeing my hand from the swash plate, I saw that the skin--from the joint to the nail--had been removed; the bone was exposed completely.
Guest speakers included Joanna Swash, sales and marketing director at Wrexham-based Moneypenny.