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SWASSSlotted Waveguide Antenna Stiffened Structure
SWASSSweaty Ass
SWASSSouth West African Scientific Society
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The utility of a SWASS antenna would be maximised if the slots operate across the entire bandwidth that is available in the waveguide.
One way to integrate the spiral antenna into the SWASS concept is to cut spiral slots on the broad wall of rectangular waveguides where spiral slots are part of a SWA array.
This slot shape covers almost the entire X-band and can be easily integrated into SWASS panels as an element of an array.
Previous SWASS development has been conducted on CFRP waveguides with the same internal cross-section [7-9].
SWAs date back to World War II and were popular from the 1940s to the 1970s because of their simplicity, high power handling capacity and relatively low profile.
An integrated control alternative of screwworm should include epidemiological surveillance appropriate of animal and human cases, timely insecticide treatment of individual cases, permanent carrying out of SWASS method and, as possible as it can be, restriction of injure livestock practices causing dermical lesions.
El SWASS, segun lo resenan Foster y Harris (63), consiste en una formulacion peletizada que contiene un atrayente quimico artificial muy especifico para el GBG (Swormlure-4), harina de sangre como comida, un estimulante de alimentacion (azucar) y un insecticida.
Ante el anterior panorama, tal parece que la mejor alternativa de control del GBG a largo plazo seria un metodo integrado que incluya adecuada vigilancia epidemiologica, tanto de los casos animales como de los seres humanos, el tratamiento individual oportuno con insecticidas, la implementacion permanente del sistema SWASS, y la restriccion de aquellas practicas de manejo que causan heridas, tanto como sea posible.