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SWATHSmall-Waterplane Area Twin-Hull
SWATHSpace Weather and Terrestrial Hazards
SWATHSoutheast Washington Association of Treasure Hunters
SWATHSmall Wetted Area Twin Hull
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One example is the GPS-based Section Control (formerly Swath Control) developed by John Deere for field sprayers.
But swath grazing, backed up by supplemental harvested grain, saves farmers money and labor compared to feeding cows hay in a corral near a barn during winter.
We refer to this as a potential swath coverage area in a 2-dimensional form and potential swath coverage in 1-dimensional form (figure 1).
According to the report, "Most of the serious structural damage was within a swath that was approximately 75 to 80 ft wide and extended approximately 230 ft into the first floor of the building.
Dresang, who has known Baldwin since her law school days, adds, "In fact, there's a broad swath of her constituency that would consider a focus on bringing home the bacon to be not desirable; that would be 'politics as usual.
Roll back the digital television mandate--Besides giving away a huge, valuable, swath of spectrum to the very corporations they now worry are becoming too powerful, the federal mandates increase the costs of maintaining a broadcast station by upwards of $1 million.
Volta, 2002-2003, begins with a smattering of staccato horns and a close-up of a rippling swath of fabric, which is then pulled away to reveal hundreds of Brazilian soccer fans in a gesture that recalls a curtain rising on a performance.
The Catholic Church ruled a large swath of central Italy until 1860.
UWB theoretically transmits short pulses across a very wide swath of spectrum, and does this within the noise floor," noted Gemma Paulo.
Compare the relative merits of a wide 60km swath width for 2.
Instruments suspended beneath the balloon made close to one billion measurements of the tiny variations in the temperature of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) across a wide swath of the sky.
According to the state transportation department, cutting a swath through the park is the only viable way to relieve urban congestion and to make way for a future light-rail system.