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SWATHISociety for Welfare Awakening Training & Health Implementation (India)
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Housewife Swathi Reddy conspired with Rajesh and killed Sudhakar.
Just as the movie unfolds, Swathi along with her boyfriend Rajesh, murdered her husband Sudhakar Reddy and burned his body in a forest.
doc=TOIH%2F2017%2F12%2F11&entity=Ar00111&sk=351BEA60&mode=text) Times of India report, Swathi and Rajesh gave Reddy an anesthetic injection while he was asleep, and later beat him with an iron rod and killed him.
According to eyewitnesses, Swathi was waiting on Platform No.
The festival held at the SDC premises in Salata area of Doha recently was focused on the compositions of Swathi Thirunal as well as the classical music that developed in southern states of India.
This is how Padma Reddy, mother of Swathi Reddy reacted when police told her that her daughter was the prime accused in the murder of her husband Sudhakar Reddy.
The woman, identified as Swathi, was taken into custody by the NagarKurnool district police on Monday, and confessed to the crime.
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TCS employee Swathi Paruchuri, who was killed in the twin blasts, was on her way home to Guntur for the first time after joining TCS Bangalore, earlier this year.
In 1984, wellknown Telugu director Kranthi Kumar made one such bold attempt with Swathi, which won the Best Film Nandi award from Andhra Pradesh government.
Summary: The case has left the families of both Sudhakar Reddy and Swathi devastated
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