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SWELLSeismic Wave Exploration of the Lower Lithosphere
SWELLStewardship: Water Education for Lifelong Leadership (science curricula; California)
SWELLScottish Workforce Empowerment for Lifelong Learners (UK)
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And the run of the slight swell was so smooth that it resembled the graceful undulation of a piece of shimmering gray silk shot with gleams of green.
I saw each of them swell up the misty line of the horizon, far, far away beyond the derelict brig, and the next moment, with a slight friendly toss of our boat, it had passed under us and was gone.
It was all over, and the smooth swell ran on as before from the horizon in uninterrupted cadence of motion, passing under us with a slight friendly toss of our boat.
The men swore and tried to argue as the boat drifted; but the next swell checked a little, like a man tripping on a carpet.
She'll break about once every ha'af hour now, 'less the swell piles up good.
In a minute half the boats were out and bobbing in the cockly swells, but Troop kept the "We're Heres" at work dressing-down.
On reaching the crest of a swell that was a little higher than the usual elevations, he lingered a minute, and cast a half curious eye, on either hand, in quest of those well known signs, which might indicate a place, where the three grand requisites of water, fuel and fodder were to be obtained in conjunction.
I was not only providing a swell dinner, but some odds and ends of extras.
Why, sometimes when he forgets himself and gets to blowing off, you'd think he was one of the swells of the earth; and you might listen to him a hundred years and never take him for a farmer -- especially if he talked agriculture.
Others pretend a subterraneous communication between the ocean and the Nile, and that the sea being violently agitated swells the river.
And his merry bosom swells With the pæan of the bells
Launched in May of 2017, Swell aims to provide a way for nearly anyone to invest in portfolios of companies innovating to solve major global challenges, such as access to clean water and renewable energy.