SWERSingle Wire Earth Return (high voltage transformer)
SWERSolid Waste and Emergency Response Office
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Ergon operates about 65,000 kilometers of SWER network servicing more than 26,000 customers.
The CES units will also store excess energy generated by the rooftop solar and discharge it locally to lower peak loads on the SWER lines.
Various student activities and Congress petition drives followed outside the library building with members from Florida Immigrant Coalition (FIC) and SWER joining the STU community in an effort to gain more Dream Act supporters and drive the public to action at a time when some members of Congress may have been vulnerable to distortion of legislative facts, labeling the Dream Act as "amnesty.
The project team closely worked with customers along four separate SWER lines - Gilbert River near Georgetown, Dajarra south of Mt Isa, Mistake Creek north west of Emerald and Eromanga west of Charleville.
Scholarship on women and minority legislators consistently indicates that member characteristics/group identity influences legislative behavior (Rosenthal 2000; Swers 2002; Mansbridge 1999; Fenno 2003).
An important intervention aim in the case of Ruud was to provide not only more approving but also more disapproving an swers in the form, for example, of repetition of Ruud's utterance, together with an explanation of why the request could not be granted.
Dolan, Deckman, and Swers summarize the message of this book as follows:
The book's origin as a university text is seen in a series of 'exercises' the an swers to which are at the back of the book.
9 Ask Amabile John anS swers queries on how to find everything from shaggy carpets to undercover laptop bags and alarm clocks for sleepy teenagers.
Swers said the trick will be educating retailers and consumers about the product's benefits.