SWISSchool-Wide Information System
SWISSouth West Interconnected System (Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
SWISSolid Waste Information System
SWISSatellite Weather Information System
SWISStrengths Weaknesses Issues Suggestions
SWISState Workforce Investment System (Colorado Workforce Development Council)
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It has been a significant inconsistency that eligible customers were able to export electricity onto the SWIS from residential solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, but were not able to do so from a battery or electric vehicle storage facility.
These results also indicated that the ODR data being gathered in the SWIS database had questionable validity for decision-making.
There was suspicion at kura kaupapa Maori (Maori Language Immersion Schools) that SWIS was a mainstream service, and it was seen as an external agency.
SWIS operates by directing wastewater into the soil through an underground network of perforated pipes surrounded by coarse aggregates.
The SWIS team unrolled the axis-symmetric geometry of the turbine into a flat "playing field" having vertical blade-shaped extrusions, in order to remove the technological obstacle of inverted locomotion.
SWIS provides subscribers access to four response-ready Capping Stack Systems and two Subsea Incident Response Toolkits for debris clearance, blow out preventer intervention and the subsea application of dispersant at a wellhead.
The SWIS is used to analyze and store data so reports can be generated and shared with all school personnel throughout the year.
The proper functioning of either a conventional gravel-filled trench SWIS or an alternative gravelless SWIS requires a certain quantity of liquid storage capacity to accommodate peak flows.
The convenient and efficient manner in which computer applications such as SWIS operate can aid schools in making decisions regarding the implementation or evaluation of PBS.
Average reliability for SWIS data entry across 5 schools, when compared to the original paper referrals, was 86.
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The survey, design, construction, rehabilitation and improvement of SWIS, diversion dams and spring development system is among the NRPs interventions, he added.