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SWITCHStudent Wellness Initiative Toward Community Health (est. 2005; West Side Community Clinic; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
SWITCHSolar and Wind Initiatives Towards Change (Canada)
SWITCHStudents Working in Tobacco Can Help (Canadian Cancer Society)
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The shaggy man ran up to the nearest donkey and gave the beast a sharp blow with his switch.
Then he came back to the basket and took out his son Benjamin by the ears, and whipped him with the little switch.
shouted another, ceaselessly beating his horse with the switch.
Their shaggy, big-bellied horse, all covered with snow, breathed heavily under the low shaft-bow and, evidently using the last of its strength, vainly endeavoured to escape from the switch, hobbling with its short legs through the deep snow which it threw up under itself.
You may throw the great switch that will give you the freedom of the air of Okar, and then, in fatuous security, go on with thy red princess to the freedom of--death.
This hand seemed a thing apart, self-existent, with no corporeal attachment, and it appeared and disappeared like an apparition as the thumb-pressure wavered on the switch.
He leveled the revolver directly at Billy, whose thumb on the switch did not waver, and they could see the gleaming bullet-tips in the chambers of the cylinder.
These configurations will demand the management features of a switch.
The company's loop switch is an offering that provides a migration path from loop-based storage environments to fabric-based SANs.