SWNCCState-War-Navy Coordinating Committee (Japan)
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145) At the same time, Truman's polarizing opinion was loud but forceful over British leaders, and unfortunately, warring Arab nations erupted after the establishment of Israel, fulfilling predictions from the SWNCC and Congress.
The SWNCC report emphasizes that a contribution to mitigating disturbances in Palestine through employing military personnel from the United States would "unnecessarily risk such serious disturbances throughout the area [and] .
The creation of SWNCC, virtually at the end of the war, and its
The SWNCC was mostly seen as a failure primarily because the problems it was intended to address were too large.
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The SWNCC Subcommittee on Foreign Policy Information collected background material on Greece and Turkey and disseminated it to the press and interest groups.
The creation of SWNCC, virtually at the end of the war, and its continued existence after the surrender of Germany and Japan reflected the growing awareness within the Federal Government that better means of coordination were necessary.