SWNTSingle-Walled Nanotube
SWNTSpecial Weapons No Tactics (gaming clan)
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Explanation [12] Thermal conductivity [13] -- [41] Steric hindrance of MWNTs [41] Amine: act as curing agent [42] Heterogeneous dispersion: hinder mobility [42] Good dispersion [43] Good dispersion [43] Heterogeneous dispersion [43] High viscosity [43] High viscosity [44] Hinder mobility, CNT groups: participate in cure A = SWNT; B = mixture of SWNT, double-walled carbon nanotube, triple walled carbon nanotube; C = MWNT; D = MWNT functionalized with amine group; E = MWNT functionalized with carboxyl group; F = MWNT functionalized with fluorine group; G = SWNT functionalized with amine group; H = cut-SWNT; 1 = SWNT functionalized with epoxide group; J = neat epoxy).
Because the classical resistance is calculated from R/L = [rho]/A, where [rho] is resistivity, L is length, and A is the cross-sectional area, the small area of a SWNT limits the current and increases the resistance per unit length and the impedance.
2), of which the inner tube is (10, 10) armchair SWNT, whilst the outer tube is (15, 15) armchair SWNT.
The highest quality SWNT can be synthesized reliably at the laboratory scale using the laser vaporization technique.
Because of the high SWNT concentration, nanotube self-assembly between the electrode gap was detected in a relatively short time, about 0.
The next step for the team is to focus on improving the detectivity of the detector with greater SWNT density, and to also achieve a wide spectrum response with improved diameter control.
The percolation threshold for PS-based composites prepared with SWNTs dispersed in water using a conventional surfactant like sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) was -0.
Such bottlenecks in production have also resulted in high prices for nanotubes, ranging from $300/kg for high volumes of MWNT to $15,000/kg for niche SWNT.
For a given diameter, there is little or no free energy difference between the different SWNT structures.
While the length of a SWNT is a variable, its diameter can be exactly reproduced.
60] fullerenes found a cytotoxicity ranking on a mass basis in the order SWNT > MWNT > [C.
In addition, the strategy of ex situ thermal defunctionalization was also applied to other functionalized SWNT samples to achieve efficient HR-TEM imaging.