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SWOSpaghetti Western Orchestra (band)
SWOSingle Window Operator
SWOSupercritical Water Oxidation
SWOStanding-Wave Oscillator
SWOSymphonic Wind Orchestra (various locations)
SWOSouthwestern Ontario (various organizations; Canada)
SWOSerial Wire Output
SWOSession Work Object
SWOShort Wave Optical
SWOSimulation World Object
SWOSouthwest Ohio
SWOSwordfish (FAO fish species code)
SWOSouth West Observatory (UK)
SWOSoftwareONE (various locations)
SWOSurface Warfare Officer
SWOSine Wave Orchestra (Japan)
SWOStop Work Order
SWOSenior Warrant Officer
SWOSenior Watch Officer
SWOSeaWorld Orlando (Florida)
SWOSwaminarayan World Organization
SWOService Work Order
SWOSwainarayan World Organization
SWOSocialist Workers Organisation (New Zealand)
SWOSoftware Override
SWOSnowbird Wilderness Outfitters (Andrews, NC youth camp)
SWOSusquehanna Wrestling Organization (York, PA)
SWOSenior/Staff Watch Officer
SWOStudent Welfare Officer
SWOSocial Welfare Organization
SWOStaff Weather Office(r)
SWOStaff Welfare Officer (UK)
SWOSorry, We're Open (webcomic)
SWOStrategic Workforce Optimization
SWOSafety Word Orange (band)
SWOSecurity Watch Officer
SWOSpecial Weapons Officer
SWOSoftball World Order (Arlington County, Virginia)
SWOSquadron/Station Warrant Officer
SWOSonic World Order
SWOStoners World Order
SWOSpace Wars Online (gaming)
SWOStillwater, Oklahoma, USA - Stillwater Regional Airport
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These assignments will challenge you, expand your frame of reference of the Total Army, and potentially position you to compete for positions like the ARSTAF SWO.
Just as a SWO develops professionally through tours on multiple ships, my next assignment to South America, will build upon my experiences at NIPO, Mexico, OPNAV, and the IADC.
Another ARM component, the data watchpoint and trace (DWT), collects information from the system buses and generates events that the ITM time stamps and transmits on the SWO channel," explained Hedqvist.
Sohail Jamil, a citizen, said his mother was a diabetes patient and he had tried many times to get free insulin from Polyclinic SWO, but the office never entertained his application.
The agreement between the Syrian government's SWO and INTRACOM TELECOM was signed in Damascus before Syria's Communications Minister, Imad Abdul-Ghani Sabbouni, and the Hellenic Foreign Ministry representative.
LCDR Rich Marshall, Saipan's Damage Control Assistant (DCA), volunteered to be my SWO mentor.
Etnyre added, "XO/CO Fleet-Up helps us meet SWO requirements by providing a career path that solidifies future progression to command and warfighting expertise while enabling our officers to complete critical joint tours as we fight the global war on terrorism.
This new SWO specialization career path program offers an exciting win-win opportunity for surface warfare officers and the Navy," said RADM Mike LeFever, flag sponsor for the program.
It allows SWO debugging including SWO trace that can be used for execution time analysis and visualization of variables and interrupts in the debugger.
The SWO pin can provide other test and debug information, too.
The program encourages sharing SWO values and knowledge throughout the community.
The committee comprises Mumtaz Khan HRDO as Chairman (Focal Person) and Ahmed Jan Afridi, DO (F), Saeedullah Bangash SW|O, Yusaf Shah SWO, District Manager NADRA and Representative of DOR&E will work as its members.