SWOHStichting Welzijns Ontwikkeling Houten (Dutch: Wood Welfare Development Foundation)
SWOHStichting Welzijn Ouderen Hengelo (Dutch: Elderly Welfare Foundation in Hengelo)
SWOHStowe Weekend of Hope (Stowe, VT)
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We used Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests to compare infestation rates of nests in SWOH and HH because data were non-normally distributed.
We examined nestlings in 56 independent nests (147 nestlings) at SWOH and 25 independent nests (67 nestlings) at HH.
The reproductive rate (in terms of young fledged per nest) did not differ between infested and non-infested nests at HH and did not differ from the reproductive rate at SWOH.
avium at SWOH and we have consistently found ~50% of nests parasitized at HH in our 15-year study of Red-shouldered Hawks nesting in both study areas (CRD and JLH, unpubl, data).
avium at HH but not SWOH is that the suburban landscape is somehow unsuitable for P.
Red cedar, used more than expected in SWOH but not in HH, is native to both study areas.