SWONSecret Weapons Over Normandy (game)
SWONSouthwest Ohio & Neighboring Libraries (regional library consortium)
SWONSupersonic Winds of Neptune
SWONSocial Work Oncology Network
SWONSurface Warfare Officer, Nuclear (US Navy)
SWONSwitched Overlay Network (computer networking)
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SWON selected Diplomat because of their patient centric reputation in the industry, their high level of customer service, and their commitment to helping oncology patients get the medications they need to obtain optimal clinical outcomes," stated Mark Colangelo, SWON Vice President.
With the high number of new oral therapeutic options that have been FDA approved over the past few years, Diplomat's Oncology Navigator[TM] has dedicated the required resources to help SWON patients and physicians gain access to these needed medications regardless of the changing reimbursement landscape.
The partnership between SWON and Diplomat will give us the opportunity to take the patient support services of our Oncology Navigator[TM] program to a new level," said Phil Hagerman, President & CEO of Diplomat Specialty.