SWWTSouthwest Women Working Together (Chicago, IL)
SWWTSpace Weather Working Team
SWWTSouth West Wildlife Trusts (United Kingdom)
SWWTSociety of Women Writers of Tasmania (Australia)
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Because our experience was that patients with CFS had difficulties positioning themselves in space when lacking visual data, we adapted the SWWT test to the SWECCT test, which consists of three phases: (1) initiation of gait with eyes open, (2) sustaining gait or stopping after closing the eyes, and (3) sustaining or stopping gait with eyes still closed when answering a simple cognitive question, "How much is 100 minus 7?
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CFS = chronic fatigue syndrome, DT = dual tasking, GET = graded exercise therapy, SWECCT = stops walking with eyes closed with secondary cognitive task, SWWT = stops walking while talking, TLS = timed loaded standing.
SWWT also announced that in connection with the combination its stockholders approved a one-for-two reverse stock split and a change in the conversion ratio of SWWT's series B preferred stock into common stock from approximately 1-to-100 to approximately 1-to-10.
According to Sanjay Sethi, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the combined company, "the long-awaited completion of the combination of SWWT and SanVision represents an opportunity for the company to increase stockholder value and a springboard for the company's strategic growth.
Those and other risks are described in SWWT's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over the last 12 months, copies of which are available from the SEC or may be obtained upon request from SWWT.
In addition, SWWT has declared a one-time cash dividend to its pre-merger stockholders in an amount equal to the cash on SWWT's balance sheet at the time of such dividend, less expenses related to these transactions and the settlement of certain outstanding claims.
In connection with the transactions contemplated by the merger agreement, three of the current directors of SWWT will resign as members of the board of directors of SWWT, and Mr.
Following completion of the transactions contemplated by the merger agreement, SWWT expects that its stockholders will act by written consent to, among other things, change the name of SWWT, increase the authorized capital stock of SWWT, make certain other modifications to the certificate of incorporation and by-laws of SWWT, and make changes to the composition of the board of directors of SWWT.