SXDESolaris Express Developer Edition
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Table 1--List of Analyzed Indexes # INDEX CODE CURRENCY 0 Dow Jones Euro Stoxx SXXE FUR l Oil & Gas SXEE EUR 2 Technology SX8E FUR 3 Automobiles & Parts SXAE EUR 4 Basis Resources SXPE EUR 5 Retail SXRE EUR 6 Insurance SXIE EUR 7 Food & Beverage SX3E FUR 8 Travel and Leisure SXTE EUR 9 Financial Services SXEE EUR 10 Personal & Household Goods SXQE FUR 11 Media SXME FUR 12 Banks SXIE FUR 13 Construction and Materials SXOE FUR 14 Industrial Goods and Services SXNE FUR 15 Chemicals SX4E FUR 16 Health Care SXDE FUR 17 Tcleccomunications SXKE EUR 18 Utilities SX6E EUR Table 2--Average Statistics for the Entire Period (4760 Observations) # INDEX CODE 1w-Return yearly Sigma- yearly LT 0 Dow Jones Euro SXXE 0.